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Open Baraza UMIS focuses on these

01. Students growth

We take into consideration a student’s entering skill level when measuring how much the student grows over time as opposed to measuring student proficiency on an assessment.

We consider equally all students tailoring growth expectations to each student’s context.

02. Best learning practice

We encourage:

  • Use of Technology
  • Teacher Clarity, and follow up lessons
  • Classroom Discussion allowing students to conduct experiments
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Formative Assessments
  • Make Review Time Fun, and
  • Field Trips.

03. Focus on targets

Target setting processes are useful to all learners to achieve a prescribed learning goal, whether that goal is expressed in examination grades, or defined competency outcomes. We ensure the targets set are:

  • specific
  • challenging
  • achievable
  • measurable.

04. Interdisciplanary model

We are not driven by the norms and framework of a particular discipline. We encourage critical thinking, assessment, and alternative views. This model draws on multiple disciplines to acquire thorough understanding of complex issues and challenges.

That is what we offer..

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